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Experts work together to suggest the revitalization and high-quality development of the domestic tourism market

Date: 2020-03-22

The symposium "Rejuvenation of the domestic tourism market and high-quality development of destinations" was held online recently.

Co-sponsored by China Tourism Research Institute, Shanghai Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, Chongqing Municipal Culture and Tourism Development Commission, Zhejiang Province Culture and Tourism Department, Heilongjiang Province Culture and Tourism Department, Henan Province Culture and Tourism Department, Anhui Province Culture and Tourism Department The seminar on "Rejuvenation of Domestic Tourism Market and High-quality Development of Destinations" was held online recently.

More than 500 experts, representatives and reporters from China Tourism Research Institute bases, key tourist cities and destinations, major travel agencies, news media attended the conference.

Professor Ma Yaofeng, chief expert of the China Tourism Research Institute's western tourism development research base, said that tourism supply needs innovation. Reform the supply of tourism products and alleviate the psychological shadow of the epidemic. Strongly develop non-contact tourism products and services during the epidemic. After the epidemic, key tourist products will be highlighted. Pay attention to the prevention and control of tourism flow. During the epidemic, the length of tourism flow should be shortened. After the epidemic, the length of tourism flow should be increased. Professor Ma believes that the innovation of tourism brand construction requires the development of cross-provincial cultural and tourism integration, highlighting the construction of national historical and cultural cities boutique tourism belts, and the construction of Kaifeng, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Xi'an, and Xianyang national historical and cultural cities boutique tourism belts, creating Road world tourism brand system. Professor Ma believes that seizing the opportunity of the country's first infrastructure development, strengthening the intelligent development of tourism, promoting the online and offline integrated consumption mode of cultural tourism, and the intelligent development of the Internet + cultural tourism consumption mode. Promote the innovation of tourism destination image, take tourism image as the lead, establish a professional cultural tourism image marketing agency, create a new model of tourism marketing for government enterprises online and offline, and build the tourism destination image.

Professor Gu Huimin, chief expert of the Hotel Industry Research Base of China Tourism Academy, said that to establish tourism risk awareness, it is necessary to establish corresponding risk mechanisms and systems, including deepening industry integration to enhance the cultural tourism industry, such as the cultural nature of virtual tourism and on-site tourism. Experiential. Using creative destruction to turn crisis into opportunity and promote the upgrading of industrial structure, the current work focuses on grasping market changes after the epidemic. Professor Gu believes that the epidemic is a turning point, the transformation of tourism consumption concepts and tourism industry formats and service products. The transformation is reflected in the transition from ostentatious consumption to rational consumption in fast-rising economies; the transformation of deformed consumption formed by some bad habits in traditional culture to civilized consumption; the transition from traditional contact service to contactless service; The transformation has led to the revitalization of domestic tourism.

Professor Zheng Xiangmin, chief expert of the Security Research Base of the China Tourism Research Institute, said that we pay attention to comprehensive security prevention and control of enterprises, establish corporate risk hazard files, and conduct special management and special management of these special areas and special types of risks. All employees of tourism enterprises should conduct all-round and all-intelligent security prevention and control. Safety protection and production safety for full-time staff, establishment of employee health records management. Professor Zheng believes that it is necessary to monitor the tourist flow and tourists, establish rules and regulations for tourists entering the park, forecast and early warning the passenger flow, do a good job of third-party personnel to conduct risk assessment and inspection, monitor real-time consumption places, and use the monitoring system to guide. Tourism enterprises should establish informatization and technical coverage of the entire network, guide and guide network information through social and search engine monitoring through multiple means, and construct a broadcast alarm system to monitor risks in scenic spots. Professor Zheng proposed that the improvement of all-round emergency capabilities includes four aspects: strengthening the construction of emergency capabilities of enterprises, and formulating scientific and effective emergency plans. Emphasizing the construction of special emergency plans in important areas and key nodes can operate and prevent risks. Set up multiple emergency channels to facilitate the rapid delivery of rescue personnel. Establish a fast and effective emergency response cooperation mechanism.

Professor Huang Fucai, chief expert of China Taiwan Tourism Research Base, said that the epidemic was classified as a "1335" strategy for tourism. First of all, adhere to a major focus, and further build and enhance the "business environment" for the development of Henan's culture and tourism after the epidemic, and truly adopt the "effective integration and expansion" strategy. Pay attention to the three major upgrades, improve the ability of market research and consumer demand analysis at different stages of the epidemic development; the effective supply of products has indeed been improved; and the main status of operating enterprises has been enhanced. Optimize the three major structures, segment the market in terms of space, time, method, and means, and focus on upgrading the market structure; focus on encouraging tourism and transportation enterprises, developing tourism products, and strengthening tourism groups, and focus on adjusting the industrial structure. Focus on the development of new and stylish eco-tourism products, high-quality tourism products, popular and high-end leisure and holiday products. As a major cultural province, Henan should pay special attention to the unique structure of cultural tourism products. After the epidemic, the important role of market players in fighting risks should be further highlighted, and the five major capabilities of market players should be strengthened. The first is the ability to discover the value of a product or item; the second is the ability to provide an effective supply to the market, which is an important manifestation of the viability of tourism companies; the third is the ability to innovate in response to changes in risk; the fourth is the ability to organize resources for a certain scale and to be sustainable Investment capacity; the fourth is high-level and highly efficient operating capabilities.

Professor Cheng Suiying, chief expert of the cultural tourism research base, believes that the cultural tourism industry after the epidemic should start from four aspects. First, use big data. Reasonably study the changes in the province's tourism market after the epidemic, and adjust supply rationally based on these market changes to continuously meet the growing and updated all-round tourism demand. Second, adjust the thinking of the tourism market. Henan always emphasizes the lack of inbound tourism. From the domestic and international situation, the thinking of the tourism market should be adjusted. Henan is a province with large resources, a large population, and a large province of culture. It is well connected with transportation, and mainly promotes tourism development in the province. Third, focus on developing a variety of tourism products. Henan should focus on the construction of 5A-level scenic spots and scenic spots with different characteristics, and the construction of resorts led by leisure and health. At the same time, there is great potential for sports tourism, health tourism products, meditation tourism in Henan, and Kung Fu tourism. Fourth, under the background of cultural and tourism integration, Henan's characteristic city tour and rural construction. Cultural tourism is an important support for the development of Henan.Urban tourism and rural tourism are diversified, featured, and innovative.

Song Ziqian, director of the Institute of Policy, Science and Education of the China Tourism Academy, put forward three points. First, pay full attention to the role of science and technology. Throughout the history of human development, science and technology are the most effective weapons for humans and diseases. Tourism already uses science and technology a lot, and it cannot be overemphasized that science and technology can be emphasized during the future anti-epidemic and future development. Second, based on the current situation, look at the long-term. It is particularly necessary to emphasize the word "normalized prevention and control", not to treat it as an epidemic, and companies to provide subsidies, tax reductions and exemptions are all necessary, but we need to do more normalized prevention and control. Third, the tourism industry is more responsible. During the epidemic, the hotel industry has made a lot of contributions, providing living space for medical staff, and so on. Consider taking this epidemic as an opportunity to optimize the hotel, space layout, ventilation, health, and service standards. There must be some changes. Not only is this epidemic undertaking a simple task, but it can also take on other tasks in the long run. The tourism industry must make greater contributions to economic development.